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warmth interview

Warmth Interview


Warmth Interview

“The music always has been present in my surroundings, from I was a child”

Owner on Archives. Producer from different EPs and Albums for ROSH!, Etoka Records, MOSHItaka, Tehnofonika and Retrospective Zoology. Remixes for Faidel, Echo Box, Randoom, Liquid Delay, Takuya Morita, Dave Wesley or aspect

How do you define yourself?
One friend told me, he joked, that I don’t want that the world knows that I had existed and this opinion amused me, he said that was becacuse that I am ecologist, vegan and yes, I try to don’t leave trace, sometimes I am introverted even when I feel surrounded by mi girlfriend, family, friends…I suppose that the people that don’t know me have accepted that I spend time in my world and I don’t refer to something spirituality or mystic…I imagine that is my character

Which are your hobbies?
Apart from I make music, I am film buff and series lover, to do sports…

How did you start in the world of music?
The music always has been present in my surroundings, from I was a child. My brother played the clarinet, when I was six got in a infants’ school focused on the music, it was a first step before that going at School Music, later I began to study violin but I dropped it out. I knew that I was mad by music but I didn’t feel motivated with the orchestral aspect, at that time I was obsessed with Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Olfiend but over time I was increasingly convinced that I liked the electronic music

Producing or deejing?
To play was mi first contact with electronic music and during year I really enjoyed but when I had contact with the world of production I forgot a little of that. To work in your own music is something much personal than to play music of others, the process is very much longer but it’s much gratifying. As well as, is difficult resign yourself with the kind of music that I like, there are songs at 130 bpm and others barely 110bpm

What positives has music given to your life over the years?
Sometimes I am a little introverted and so, I suppose that I fundamentally have filled a part of myself in all aspects

Witch is your favourite production? What does it means to you?
I bother myself of my own tracks, I hear them a lot of times and they finish being me boring. I am really glad. for example, with some tracks of “Ash”, with “Reef” or “Manto”…I am in the habit of using a lot of tracks and different sounds on my tracks and in this album I proposed myself simplify my work

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What is your opinion of the electronic scene in Spain?
I am disconnected of this topic. Most of names of electronic scene usually to be people that don’t have my same likes. I imagine that they are good in the job, but always I have the impression that people get success if they edited them tracks in the classic german label of fashion or that the tracks are being play by the trendy dj

What has been your experience with the labels?
I would like to say that I occurred a lot of things, but the real is, apart of some labels that I consider that they behaved professionally, the rest have been between bad and terrible

Always I have been open to proposals but I have had consider with who work because sometimes the process turn out exhausting. You make something with a lot of illusion and I have found labels that they have kept my work in a drawer during six month, even some labels asked for remixes that never were edited

Why did you decided to create your own label “Archives”?
Especially to avoid annoyances…To make a Ep or remix and I know that it will be published and I know when will be published, to know who will make the mastering and a long etcetera…in fact, the most of labels aren’t concerned about the contract etc, in any case it was something that I had in mind from long time, not for publishing my own music if not publishing music of people that I follow

The idea is that Archives is a meeting point for mates where they can to do something for fun and to be comfortably

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Warmth Interview, Spain
Soundcloud : Warmth
Facebook : Warmth  

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