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Leonner Interview

Leonner Interview


Leonner Interview – Musician based in Madrid, him earlier influences came from outside the Electronic music world but technology gives you everything you need to create your own world .Thats why I started to produce electronic music, “everything is in your mind and just you have to find a way to bring it out”

From his bunker in Madrid he tries to find the next Atmospheric , Techno , Deep, Groovy essence that take’s him to the next level

Are you music producer?
It was during 2013 when I could try some DAW´S like Logic or Ableton Live with some friends and then at the beginnig of 2014, I started to learn seoriusly at Moebius Academy, Have been two intense years and nowadays i can say that for me Its like to read a good book , as more as you read, you want to know more ,more and more.
Along this process, you understand that there are really important facts that help you to improve the quality of your sound and allow you to grow up like an artist. That´s why In June of 2014 , Some friends and I , rent a space to build gradually our own music studio ,and It was like that, from nothing , with great enthusiasm, some help and many feeders head, I ´m proud to say that now we have a good place to work and make music sound ,like it should sound

Muzaik 033 by Leonner
[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]

Which digital or analog instrument do you like to use?
I started using digital plug-ins like Sylenth , Subbombass ,Omnisphere Big Kick , etc… but when I could try analog instruments I felt the different at the moment, so step by step we are changing the Digital plugins to analog instruments.
Nowadays we work mainly with Virus TI Desk , Dave Instruments Mopho, Elektron Analog Four and Korg Electribe

Where do you looking for the music?
For me looking for the music is an attitude, always trying to find something new, something different, discovering new producers, etc.…
For buying vinyl I use or , also I like go to the vinyl-shops to discover old glories or new pearls
For digital music is different, there are so many music, so many options I search around the web normally, record label websites, music websites even in YouTube but finally I use to buy digital music on Beatport cause everything is there

[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]

After the program for “Muzaikfm” have you started a new proyect?
Yes, besides the project of Leonner that’s continue discovering himself, I work with my partner Javier L. We are focus in the club , our understanding in the studio improve day by day, so in this 2016 we will get something interesting.
On the other hand i got the chance to participate in a documentary, creating the musical ambience; this is a long term project that will come out next year probably

What is your opinion of the electronic scene in Spain?
It seems that lately at least in Madrid, where I live , Start to emerge interesting initiatives that in addition to stop restricting the scene, are getting something that I consider fundamental , they are expanding electronics music beyond night and clubs , making it extensible to other times of the day and other places, This fact enriches a lot the scene and gives more oportunities for new talents to break into the scene, also it opens a new perspective for electronic music to be recognized as other cultural activity , In my opinion we can say that is a very good moment to the scene

What has been your experience with the labels?
My experience with the labels is not too wide for the moment but I would like to say that nowadays is so difficult to create a new record label, the 95 % of the labels close in less than a year since its inception so my sincere congratulations to survivors!

Leonner Interview, Madrid, Spain
Soundcloud: Leonner

1 hour Mix Deep textures, high quality mix
Feel free to share!
Mixcult Ki.Mi
Muzaik 044 Special Deep Tech mix
Ki.Mi, Lola Palmer, Alex Humann, Luijo, Kirilla Matveev
PLAY Special Mixcult
From USA. Vinyl mix Dub Techno
Feel free to share!

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