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Federsen Interview


“Creativity defines my life”

FEDERSEN Interview – Musician based in San Francisco creating deep and Hazy dub infused sounds. Grounded in Humanity, Avant Roots, Linear Movement Deeper Meaning, Waehlscheibe, Fifth Interval and other labels

How do you define yourself?
Creativity defines my life.

How do you find your inspiration?
As a musician I find inspiration by listening to the world around me. I carry a little Micro track recorder a lot to capture random sounds.

When I’m not producing I’m always listening carefully to a wide range of musical sources and draw inspiration from there. The weather also affects my writing. I live in San Francisco where it’s mostly sunny with occasional fog rolling in. The change in atmosphere and pressure inspires my music. I find a lot inspiration just actively listening to production techniques in new music I buy. Playing my acoustic stringed instruments also gives me space from focusing on only electronic music.

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Which digital or analog instrument do you like to use? 
All my Elektron gear. Their instruments are so versatile and expressive and I could not live without them!
Also my old tape delay units like the RE 201 and Korg Stage Echo. I love the way they impart imperfections on whatever I feed it.
My most important piece of equipment doesn’t actually make a sound. Its an Acme SND midi trigger box.
It makes all my machines talk to each other with super flexible syncing.

We love your album “Neurotopia” published on the label “Pong Musiq”, whats your opinion about this label?
Thanks! That was a while ago now, 2011 I think. I also released a track called ‘Extrasolar’ remixed by Pablo Bolivar but since then
I’ve not released on Pong. I like what they are doing.

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After the various artists EP for “Deeper Meaning” have you started a new project?
The next release from my label Fifth Interval is coming out next month on 12”, with remixes by Brendon Moeller from Echologist and Beat Pharmacy.
I have a 12” EP coming out on Linear Movement and I’m on a vinyl compilation from Avant Roots. Im currently planning my label’s fourth release and have several other projects on the horizon I’m looking forward to.

Which is your favorite production? What does it mean to you?
My label’s first vinyl release ‘ Point Reyes’. This record really defined the sound I have been working towards over the years.

What is your opinion of the electronic scene in USA?
Im not really part of any scene here but I know San Francisco where I live has a very active community of electronic musicians.
There’s also a great synth store here called ‘Robot Speak’ that has modular synth classes I’ve been meaning take for a while now

What has been your experience with the labels?
I find the labels that contact me for a vinyl release have a deeper sense of commitment to releasing than small digital labels.
Having a physical product takes time and resources and I have never been let down on a release this way.
Digital can be a lot more ephemeral so by its nature it can be easier to just shelf a project.
That’s why I’m pretty much 100% focused on releasing on vinyl only with digital support

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