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Faidel mix – Muzaik 007


Faidel and Muzaik – Mix 007
Just to Dub Techno lovers!

Faidel has recorded this mix selecting a very special playlist, he brings you a high quality mix with the best deep and dub techno labels of the scene. Feel free to share it and please enjoy.

Faidel website / Faidel Soundcloud

Faidel mix Muzaik, dub techno mixes, deep techno


01 Von Schommer – Untitled 01 I DeepChord
02 Alex Humann & Faidel – Zensored (Original Mix) I Etoka Records
03 Brickman – Lazy Day Hook (Original mix) I Tehnofonika Records
04 Dave Wesley – Technology kill scarcity (Original mix) I Artic Dub
05 Dave Wesley – Sahasrara I Artic Dub
06 Dave Wesley – Archaic Hexahedron (Advanced Dreams Remix)
07 Alessandro Crimi – Nebelwald (Original mix)
08 Giuliano Rodrigues – Apogeu (Original mix) I Gentlemens Groove
09 Goran Geto – Diving to deep (Brickman remix) I Coldtear Records
10 Brickman – Velvet (Original mix) I Bulletdodge
11 Doyeq – Cut (Original Mix) I Draft LTD
12 Un-Node – Paul (Original Mix) I From Any Direction
13 Havantepe – Distanced (Original mix) I 200 Records

Dub techno mix Muzaik 003
mixed by Faidel
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