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Muzaik, Faidel

Faidel Mix – Muzaik 026


Muzaik mix 026
Selected and mixed by Faidel

Muzaik brings you a special mix with a impressive dub techno playlist selected by a spanish dub techno artist Faidel. Feel free to share it and just enjoy with that.

Faidel website / Faidel Soundcloud

Faidel, Muzaik, dub


01 Basicnoise – Sphex (Zzzzra Remix).mp3
02 Brickman – Last Summer (Original mix)
03 Alessandro Crimi & Patrick Zigon – Jailed In The Restroom
04 Brickman – In the Rain (Version I)
05 Alessandro Verrina &; Ander Plau – Welcome (Roberto Bardini Remix)
06 Dactilar – Los Ojancanos (Original mix)
07 Daniel Madlung & Mandy Jordan – Black Is Black (Original Mix)
08 Edanticonf – Drome (Original mix)
09 Gorje Hewek, Izhevski – Voltiger (Adriatique Remix)
10 Roberto Figus – The Soft Wind (Markus Masuhr Substraktive Additive Version)

Dub techno mix Muzaik 003
mixed by Faidel
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Kirill Matveev Mix – Muzaik 043

Kirill is the mastermind and CEO of Mixcult Radio, a Saint Petersburg based project that presents carefully selected Deep, Minimal, Dub, Techno and House music from all epochs with a wide range of vintage videos from Russia.

Faidel Mix – Muzaik 028

Welcome back! We love this magic selection from Faidel, he brings you a huge mix with a cool Dub Techno playlist.

Faidel mix – Muzaik 002

On Muzaik you can find the best deep techno and dub techno artists and also you can enjoy with the best techno, dub, deep or tech tracks, we love you enjoying with a good electronic music and with the best dub techno mixes.

Faidel mix – Muzaik 021

Muzaik brings you a special mix with a impressive deep techno playlist selected by a spanish dub techno artist Faidel

Faidel mix – Muzaik 011

We are very happy to present Muzaik 011. It brings you a huge mix with a massive Dub Techno playlist selected by Faidel.

Narcotic 303 Mix – Muzaik 040

Narcotic 303, impressive Dub TEchno Producer, born 1982 in Cologne. Lived since 9 years in Schwaebisch Gmuend in south of Germany, from Deeptakt records