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Faidel Mix – Muzaik 031


Muzaik mix 031
Selected and mixed by Faidel

Welcome back! We love this magic selection from the spanish artist Faidel, he brings you a huge mix with a cool Deep and Dub Techno playlist

Faidel website / Faidel Soundcloud


01 Alex Humann – After Hrs – Original mix
02 Brickman – Cold Inside – Original mix
03 Alex humann – Dioxide – Original mix
04 Alveol – Blue Lips
05 Audub – Northern Shore Part 2
06 Alveol – Dreaming In Underland – Original mix
07 Desove – Echo Park
08 Alveol – Undo – Original mix
09 Dt-90 – Alone Man – GRIT remix
10 Discknocked – City Asleep
11 Graynoise – Io – Narcotic 303 Remix

Dub techno mix Muzaik 003
mixed by Faidel
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Enjoy now

Federsen Mix – Muzaik 032

Federsen is a musician based in San Francisco creating deep and Hazy dub infused sounds.

Narcotic 303 Mix – Muzaik 040

Narcotic 303, impressive Dub TEchno Producer, born 1982 in Cologne. Lived since 9 years in Schwaebisch Gmuend in south of Germany, from Deeptakt records

Faidel mix – Muzaik 007

Faidel has recorded this mix selecting a very special playlist, he brings you a high quality mix with the best deep and dub techno labels of the scene.

Faidel mix – Muzaik 004

Hi there and welcome to Muzaik, enjoy with the 4th mix by Faidel, just hang out with the best Dub Techno tracks

Faidel mix – Muzaik 012

Faidel is one of the best Dub Techno artists in Spain. He brings us a very special mix with a long Dub Techno playlist

Faidel Mix – Muzaik 028

Welcome back! We love this magic selection from Faidel, he brings you a huge mix with a cool Dub Techno playlist.