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Dolph Mix – Muzaik 047


Doplh Mix

Muzaik 047 His emotional gestures show a very noticeable disrespect towards the boundaries and conventions of music genres

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Dolph mix, muzaik


01. Library Tapes – Fragment VI
02. Porn Sword Tobacco – Snake Cake Station
03. Son Lux – Easy
04. Sekuoia – Something We Lost
05. Nicolas Jaar – Colomb
06. Chancha Via Circuito – Macá Tobiano
07. Brambles – To Speak Of Solitude
08. Dandara – Dimensions
09. JAJA – Elega al Che
10. Quixosis – Melancha
11. Steffen Kirchhoff – Mon Áme (JGB Remix)
12. Jono Mc Leery – Raise Me (Fybe Remix)
13. Professor Lux und der Urknallgenerator -Oerkenen
14. Xique Xique – Protetores & Orixás (JPatterson Trump Edit)
15. Dolph – Unique And Equal (soon out on Akumandra)
16. Ninze ft. Jo.Ke – Certain Sorrows
17.Tante Dante & Sebastian Dali – Creamy Sunset
18. Melodium – Kissing Disease (First Version)
19. Arutani – Ocurrido
20. Arutani – La Melancholia De Tenerte
21. Viken Arman – Rosas (Nu Remix)
22. E – Vax – The Process Of Leaving
23. Soosh – Too Soon (Flako Remix)
24. Peter Power – Canao de Partida
25. Porn Sword Tobacco – Spectrum Campfire
26. Pavlic – Slowly Movin
27. Tennyson – Lullaby

Dolph Mix – He pays heed to this life wisdom. Whenever the young man from Berlin twists rhythms and sound structures around one another, his emotional gestures show a very noticeable disrespect towards the boundaries and conventions of music genres. By playing this expressive game he managed to take the hearts of profoundly fun-loving fans of Electronic Dance Music by storm.

The year is 2007. The beats from the home studio of a young Hip Hop enthusiast line up in a more and more straight pattern, forming a rhythm that comes with an irresistible catchiness. It is Electronic Dance Music indeed. However, it turns out to be really hard to pigeonhole the sound of Dolph any more precisely. There is sensual House pulsating among the rich bass lines. There are sharp and energetic Techno grooves twitching along the percussive backbone of the tracks. The next moment the sound dives down to the realm of electronic experimentalism, skipping around sparkling quotes from Pop, Hip Hop, dub, down tempo, film music or classic. The golden thread in this patchwork of rhythm and sound is a very emotional vibe, oscillating between playful happiness and dreamy melancholia.

Of course this experimental approach towards music production really lights up when played live on stage, lead by pure gut feeling and the feedback from the dance floor. Since 2010 Dolph refined this creative project more and more. At the same time he is incessantly producing music in the studio- be it solo or be it together with his long-year musician friend meerkats under the moniker peng_peng. In 2012 Acker Records discovers the independent talent of Dolph, a trait that makes him a kindred spirit. From now on he is part of the label from North East Germany that stands for positive gut feelings set to music

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