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Blank Kit mix, blank kit interview

Blank Kit Interview


“I surround myself with music every day”

Blank Kit Interview – Born in 1990 in Rostock, moved in the early years to a small village near the baltic sea. Always hearing all kind of music, his interest to techno and house startet at the age of 16 with the first club visits.

As just a listener and with the ending of his school time, Micha moved to Greifswald start studying and to deal more with the music he was
always listening. So he bought some turntables, a mixer and his first vinyls and his collection of vinyls is growing since then with pure deep house and some kind of minimal deep and dub techno tunes.

His first mix were uploaded around 2012/13 on soundlcoud. Already after a short time he found the Deep Afterhour mix-series by Martin ( der Klient)
After his first mix for Deep Afterhour and visits in Rostock at various events with Martin and remained in regular exchange about there common interest in common music. They became colleague and Michael an official Member of the Deep Afterhour Team. Looking for the sound he likes, he found his influences in the growing rusian and east European house and techno underground-scene. On Soundcloud are many many Mixes and Sets available but DJs and producers like Andrey Pushkarev, Izhevsky, and Mihai Popoviciu and the people around them, play and produce the sound he was looking for. With the high and long experience they have, they always hold the right balance between house and techno and the balance between club sound and light, dramatic grooves to create a rare club atmosphere. But of course there a also some German acts like Dana Ruh and tINI and her „gang“ or the German label Sushitech with Makam and Delano Smith produce and play there unique music. For now comes a lot of music from France, the new label and shop yoyaku with artists like Roger Gerresen, and the new face, but high talented Janeret and Varhat brings out a lot of quality music and of course the new Mandar project by Lazar Hoche, S.A.M. and Malin Genie and their solo projects

Always working on the Deep Afterhour project Michael met a lot of new and talented artist on the internet. Always looking for known or less-known artists, to give them space to present them with a mix on the growing Deep Afterhour Project. Over the years and by the consistency of the high quality and by presenting new artists,  Deep Afterhour became one of the biggest platforms for deep and dub techno/house music in Europe and listeners in over 150 countries


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How do you define yourself?
I think it’s hard to define yourself, so it’s better to make others for me. I think you should be at peace with yourself and be more self-reliant, instead of constantly looking at others. Especially as an artist is perhaps more important than in other areas.

What does the music mean for you?
Of course music means a lot to me. I surround myself with music every day. Depending on what kind of mood I am, I hear, of course, different genres and styles. I sometimes listen to music only for fun, sometimes because I’m on the lookout for new music, or because I might be deliberately distracted by something like going to a club and just wanting to have fun.

We notice that you managing the Deep afterhour, could you tell us more about this stuff?
Yes Martin has uploaded the first mix about 5-6 years ago. The first mixes were all of them at that time, and later came other artists. My first mix for Martin was the number 135, so it’s already a lot of time from Martins begin untill i was introduced. We’ve seen more frequently, we do not live very far apart, and Martin has brought me to it. That was about 2 years ago, we are both responsible for this. You can hear mainly deephouse and dubtechno / house, or everything which moves in between. The sound is rather straightforward. There are also nice ambient mixes with us to hear but the are rather the exception. Big names play a subordinate role with us, certainly there is the one or the other standing artist who has already made a mix for us when I think of youandme or Andrey Pushkarev for example. However, the quality of the mixes is more important. Over the years, I think you can say that we have developed a fanbase and we have a fixed number of listeners. Therefore, I find it rather interesting, especially in Germany, to give unknown artists from outside the opportunity to introduce themselves with a mix for us and our listeners. We have still unknown producers doing a mix for us or Djs of which we have heard and that we liked very much and it`s still fit to us.

Where do you like to listen to electronic music?
Soundcloud is probably the largest platform for electronic music. Theoretically everyone can register and present their music to the world. However, with the mass of people, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right one for themselves. So you have to filter again. Then there is of course still youtube. Almost every piece of music, whatever genre, rock, pop, classic, no matter, has been uploaded and you can listen to it. I sometimes like to spend hours on youtube, looking for new music. Since I have not been dealing with the subject of music as intensively as in recent years, there is so much for me to catch up with. Music that was released 10, 15, sometimes 20 years ago, and sounds new for me. It`s like hear an old track for the first time just but it does not sound old at that time for me. I hear the track for the first time and this feeling is the same as when I go to a record store or listen to the new releases on decks

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Which digital or analog equipment do you like to use for playing music?
In principle, I do not care how a Dj work or with what he works. More important is the result: to create an atmosphere in a club and to design the evening for the audience as beautiful as it is possible. I work with both vinyl and digital players. The problem I personally personally rather in that you are nowadays only on a software leaves the pitching assumes and in part even the preferred track selection. For me pure djing is a craft, that it is first to be learned. In my opinion, just lack respect to DJs and the work that they do. It is about the right preselection of tracks before it goes to a gig, the hours and hours for looking to new music and of course the money you spent in buying new music. It is not difficult to download the best titles of countless top ten hitlists and then let the software line up and celebrate for it

Favourite place to buy music? 
A record store, but unfortunately the next is 3h away from me. So I have no choice, i have to buy my music on various sites like, or, already addressed, older music at discogs

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Apart from electronic music, what other genres do you like to listen to?
Actually, I hear any kind of music. Sometimes jazz, sometimes pop. It depends on where I am. I’m not always conscious of what music I’m listening to, just listen to everything in my environment. For example, not all people in my circle of acquaintances hear electronic music, so you can sometimes hear other styles. But I prefer nothing in the actual sense. It is essential to stand back and distance yourself from things you deal with much time

Any hobby? Something you like to do in your free time?
Because according to definition with professionalism also the making of money plays a role and I with the music in the moment no money deserve, the whole musical theme is my hobby. I am doing sports a few years but otherwise there is nothing extraordinary. What you do as a young person is to go with friends, go to parties and have a good time and live your life as an artist

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Blank Kit Interview  K I T , Germany
Soundcloud : Blank Kit
Facebook : Blank Kit

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