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Audub interview - Audub mix - dub techno

Audub Interview


AUDUB bio – I started my Audub project 3 years ago. Since I’ve released some of my tracks on labels like: Dimbideep, Pragmat, MOSHItaka, Radiant Child’s, Sub.Spiele, Archives

I lunched my own label called Linear Movement 2 months ago. The first release will be my last EP called Reflection. It will be released on vinyl. I’m also creating a analog live set for September. It will be an ambient live set with a modular system

Audub Interview

“I try to express myself thru my music” 

How do you define yourself?
I don’t use to define myself but I would say that I’m someone shy.. I try to express myself thru my music

Which digital or analog instrument do you like to use?

I like to use both. I used to use U-He Diva with is a really powerful and versatile instrument. I also use Reaktor with Razor.
I have some hardware stuff too like the Electron Analog Four. I love to use it, you can make an entire track with it!

For the drums I use a Vermona DRM I mkIII. It could provide a lot of different analog drums. Sometimes I use a little mfb 522 for more classical analog drums and finally to create some nice chords and some pads I use a Dave Smith Tetra

How do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in some moments of life, good moments and bad moments. I can also find inspiration in the weather.
I’ve got to say I like rainy and cloudy weather…

Producing or deejing?
Producing definitely! Today everybody could pretend to be a DJ. Producing is more personal, more interesting too.
Today to be a DJ doesn’t mean anything! Anybody could be a DJ, you buy some software and press sync button and you are a DJ

What has been your experience with the labels?
I would say pretty good! I met a lot of good and interesting people since I started to release my tracks

Which is your favourite production? 
I think my favourite production is Sopka. This track was made one year ago or so, and I made it for one of my best friend. He helped me when I needed it…

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3358829958 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=1581445585]

What is your opinion of the electronic scene in France?
The French electronic music scene is getting bigger and bigger every year!
A lot of French artist are playing in foreign countries but in France all those artists are DJ’s.. There is a big hype in being a DJ in France but I think like everywhere else

This is not really my cup of tea…

What would you like to change about electronic music in your country?
It’s a hard question…but if I’ve got to change something it could be the stupid hype around DJ’s..

AUDUB interview, France
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