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Warmth mix

Warmth – Muzaik 009


Muzaik 009 – Warmth mix
Archives Music

Muzaik brings you one of the best dub techno artists on the scene. Warmth is a well known spanish artist. He runs the dub and ambient label Archives Music. Feel free to share it and just enjoy with that.

W A R M T H , Spain
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Faidel – Parallel Conscience  (Alex Humann Remix) I Sub.Spiele
Warmth – Drift (Advanced Dreams Remix) I Tehnofonika Records
Warmth – Northbound  (aspect. Dub) I Retrospective Zoology
Zzzzra – Un Pas Avant L’autre I Deeptakt
Warmth – Abrupt (Desove Dub Rebuild) I Retrospective Zoology
Randoom – Solar Fields (Discknocked Redubtion) I Retrospective Zoology
Echo Box – Still Raining I Tehnofonika Records
Advanced Dreams – Neon Sky I Codigo

Warmth mix (Archives Music): «The podcast represents just the kind of music I like. As a producer I’ve always had some fear of falling into perhaps too much dark sounds, when this happens, I usually try to find a way to give some shine to my music, but also trying not to be cheesy. At the mixtape there is music from people who is an inspiration for me, playing very well between dub sounds and ambient things, which is basically where I like to move

There are two remixes from tracks of mine by two of my favorite producers: aspect. and Desove, these are part of an upcoming EP on Retrospective Zoology and I just love what they have done, something quite different to the original tracks, as it should be. There is also a remix for another track of mine from Advanced Dreams, this will be out in mid-February, also I was really excited to have a remix from they because they have been really inspiring to me.

There is also music from Faidel & Alex Humann and Discknocked, which for me are some of the best producers right now here in Spain, each one of them has a really unique style… Also Zzzzra, an incredibly talented producer from France and Echo Box, I just discovered him a few months ago and when I heard some of his music for the fist time I thought he was doing something really special »

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