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Dub Techno Mixes

Faidel Mix – Muzaik 025


Muzaik mix 025
Selected and mixed by Faidel

Muzaik brings you a special mix with a impressive dub techno playlist selected by a spanish dub techno artist Faidel. Feel free to share it and just enjoy with that.

Faidel website / Faidel Soundcloud

Faidel, dub techno, muzaik


Tracklist set
01 Alteria Percepsyne – Solar Shore (Original mix)
02 Brickman – Backward (Original mix)
03 Federsen – Decoherence (Original mix)
04 Mr. Cloudy – Hoarfrost (Reduce Remix)
05 Federsen – Modular Tension (Original mix)
06 WzrdryAV & Seekersinternational – Out (Original mix)
07 Sven Laux – Something to lounge (Markus Masuhr remix)
08 Upwellings – Distant Dub #2 (Original mix)
09 Atheus – Deploy (Original mix)
10 Blagoj Rambabov – Moody Jackinn’ (Crocodile Soup Restyling)
11 Quantec – Planet View (Original mix)
12 Brickman – In the Rain (Version II)

Dub techno mix Muzaik 003
mixed by Faidel
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Fingers in the Noise Mix – Muzaik 028

Fingers in the Noise. Born in 1966, Bisch started producing music in the late 1980s, one of the best Dub Techno Producers around the world.

Dave Marian Mix – Muzaik 027

House/Dub Techno/ Live Act artist with several releases on labels such as Dimbideep Music, Archives, Seven Villas, Lucidflow.

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Ki.Mi. is a multifaceted creative person, it confirms his inalienable part in a unique project Technopoetry,

Faidel mix – Muzaik 004

Hi there and welcome to Muzaik, enjoy with the 4th mix by Faidel, just hang out with the best Dub Techno tracks

Lola Palmer Mix – Muzaik 045

“One of the brightest artists on Ukrainian electronic scene”

Faidel Mix – Muzaik 031

Hi guys! We love this magic selection from the spanish artist Faidel, he brings you a huge mix with a cool Deep and Dub Techno playlist