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Bumani mix, Bumani interview, down Tempo Mix

Bumani Mix – Muzaik 035


Muzaik mix 035
Selected and mixed by Bumani

‘Bio – Berlin Cocktail Bar aka Andre Nickel born in 1961 in West-Berlin. He started him career as a DJ in the Mid 90s in some Clubs in Berlin.

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Muzaik, Bumani Mix, Down Tempo


01 Nirgoona aka Heavenchord – Night Snowfall
02 Gilbert Ramos – Another Day
03 Gilbert Ramos – Long Way Home
04 Multi – mission – Elevon 20.005
05 Midub – In Time
06 Midub – We Are Nature
07 The Dub Factory – NLD2016
08 Smooth – Island One
09 Ultracode – Deep For Water’

‘Bio – Berlin Cocktail Bar aka Andre Nickel born in 1961 in West-Berlin.

He started him career as a DJ in the Mid 90s in some Clubs in Berlin. Unfortunately he lost the passion for DJing due to the fact that he had to earn livelihood over another business.

In 2009 he purchased the “Berlin Cocktail Bar” in West-Berlin. It was a small area with an exceptional and pleasant atmosphere. Here he re-found the love for DJing – Bumani bought all the equipment he needed to fill him bar with him deep tunes in him sets.  “Soundcloud came into my life in 2009 and I had the idea to mix the music of different artists there (e.g. Fingers in The Noise, Martin Nonstatic, Deni Diezer, Cousin Silas, ….) “– and they all – artists & Soundcloud users – liked and shared my mixes all over the WEB – so stay tuned on /react-text

Dub techno mix Muzaik 003
mixed by Faidel
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Enjoy now

Dave Marian Mix – Muzaik 027

House/Dub Techno/ Live Act artist with several releases on labels such as Dimbideep Music, Archives, Seven Villas, Lucidflow.

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Alex Humann Mix – Muzaik 013

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Faidel mix – Muzaik 008

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Doyeq Mix – Muzaik 037

DOYEQ is a unique two-man live-project of Sergey Kulikov and Vitaliy Bragin. Due to their extensive knowledge and practical experience in electronic music from 1997, in 2009 musicians started the project with minimal and deep techno sound.

Bumani Mix, 2017